Prayer for the Jubilee / By Fr. Fausto Gomez Berlana  
Second Letter fot the Jubilee of the Order 2016 / By Fr. Fausto Gome Berlana
“Laudare, benedicere, praedicare”: Official Hymn of the Jubilee of the Order
Confidence in the Future
The Identity of Religious Today
Celebrating a Dominican Jubilee
The intellectual mission of the Order
The intellectual mission OP
The Wellspring of Hope
On the liturgical celebration of the Hours
The Contemplative Dimension of our Dominican Life
Ministry of Preaching
Particular challenges and pastoral plans
Proclaiming the Gospel in the Order of Preachers
The Apostolic Life - Loving the World
The Challenge of Evagelization Today
Dominican Maturity Training
First Assignations
Letter to a Formator
Letter to our brothers and sisters in initial formation
Economic Life
On common life
On Dominican Itinerancy
Passion for the Dominican Life
Celebrating a Dominican Jubilee

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