Formation is at the service of mission and of the proclamation of the Gospel; The main objective of Dominican formation is “to form Dominican preachers.” (Ratio Formationis Particularis No.5 & 6)Our Dominican formation is a life-long process, which includes both initial (institutional) formation and 持续培育. The initial formation involves various stages –postulancy, novitiate, 暂愿生学院– that constitute a progressive integration into the Dominican life (参阅 《道明会培育总则》(RATIO FORMATIONIS GENERALIS), 22).


26.  The Pre-novitiate or postulancy is “the first of the stages leading the aspirant in the path to 终身愿” (《道明会培育总则》(RATIO FORMATIONIS GENERALIS), 32). It is the period that precedes the Novitiate, during which reflection, discernment, vocational options and information on the different paths of life within the Church and within the Order are promoted, so as to help the candidate make decisions among the challenging offers that may come to him and help him find a path for fulfilment following Christ in the Dominican religious life. It is a time for a non-institutionalized probation in the Dominican Order.

28. Following the norms of the Order (《会宪》, 167; 《道明会培育总则》(RATIO FORMATIONIS GENERALIS), 32-42), our Province has adopted a Pre-novitiate or postulancy period during which candidates are initiated to community and Dominican life, and given a time to clarify their Christian, religious and Dominican vocation (香港省会议公报(ACPHK 2009), 07). The pre-novitiate period will last, as a general rule, from one to two years, depending on the candidates’ preparation to enter the novitiate. In some exceptional cases, upon the discretion of the Prior Provincial, the postulancy period could be extended, shortened or interrupted.