The Antiphon "O Lumen"

The Antiphon 'O Lumen'

From the 14th century it was a custom in the Order to sing the Magnificat Antiphon for the Feast of St Dominic after the Salve Regina at the end of Compline every day.  There are two tunes: simple and solemn, like Salve Regina.  This antiphon, O Lumen Ecclesiae, is formed by a series of titles offered to Saint Dominic de Guzman.  Here is the full text:
O Lumen Ecclesiae, Doctor Veritatis,
Rosa Patientiae, Ebur Castitatis,
Aquam Sapientiae Propinasti Gratis:
Praedicator Gartiae, nos iunge Beatis.

The usual English translation is as follows:

O light of the church, teacher of truth,
rose of patience, ivory of chastity,
You freely poured forth the waters of wisdom,
preacher of grace unite us with the blessed.

The Chinese translation is something like:

In Eastertide the antiphon ends with Alleluia.

This article is revised based on the Godzdogz of the Dominican Province of England and Scotland, published on Thursday, November 04, 2010, [accessed 11 March, 2016].

The above sheet music in solemn tune is retrieved from Polish Dominican [accessed 11 March, 2016].