Diaconal Ordination of Joachim

In the mid-January 2016, our dear brother Joachim was ordained by Archbishop Savio Hon SDB. The whole assembly with Archbishop Savio HON, the two principal con-celebrants—fr. Felipe o.p. and fr. Blanco o.f.m. and about 30 concelebrants began to pray to the Lord ‘in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.

The homily centered on service which is the main ministry of the Diaconate. The Christian logic of service is so ‘different’ from the world understanding. ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:35). The highlight of the celebration was the ordination, the Litany of the saints, the imposition of the hands, Investiture with Stole and Dalmatic, Presentation of the Book of the Gospels.

The litany was in Chinese, praying with the universal Church; also two Dominican saints from our province martyred in China were inserted: Francisco de Capillas, Joaquín Royal. The church of the Most Holy Trinity (Santissima Trinita’) where the ordination took place was practically full (true the church is not that big).

The very community of Via Condotti, the sisters from Val Cannuta (las missioneras de Santo Domingo) who were the main choir for the whole celebration, the Chinese sisters from Castel Gondolfo, the Chinese priest and seminarians from Collegio di San Pietro, Collegio Urbano, Collegio di San Paolo; classmates, some Dominican brothers especially those acolytes from Minerva.

All these made a beautiful and wonderful ‘start’. It has been a great celebration. Nothing would be focused but to praise God and to give Him thanks! May God who has begun the good work bring it to fulfilment for fr.Joachim and the Province of Our Lady of Rosary.

Joachim knelt down in from of Archbishop Savio Hon S.D.B.

Gospel given by Archbishop Savio Hon
Congregation in the chapel
All ordained with Archbishop Hon