Dominican Province of Our Lady of the Rosary

The Dominican Province of Our Lady of the Rosary became a reality when in 1587, out of a group of 40 Dominican volunteers who left Spain, three sailed from Mexico in Latin America to Macao in Asia and another fifteen boarded the galleon on April 3 from Acapulco to Manila, where they arrived on July 21, 1587. They were the “Founding Fathers” of the new Dominican Province (officially approved by the General Chapter of the Order in 1591) and the pioneers of a missionary saga which would continue uninterruptedly for more than four hundred years. In 1987 the fourth hundred anniversary of the Province was solemnly commemorated particularly in Manila, but also in all places where the Province was present. Since then two missions have been added: Myanmar in 2010 and Timor Leste in 2013.