Time Line


Our History Events

1587 :
Province of OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY established
 The first Dominicans landed in Manila, Philippines.
1588 : Monastery of Santo Domingo established in Manila, Philippines.
1592 : Fr. Juan Cobo arrived in Japan to head the Dominican Missions there.
1611 : University of Santo Tomas founded in the Philippines by Fr. Benavides.
1590-1619 : Repeated attempts to enter China failed.
1626 : Missions established in Formosa (Taiwan).
1631 : Fr. Angel Cocchi finally established the missions in Fogan, (Fukien) China.
1676   Fr. Santa Cruz and Fr. Arjona established missions in Vietnam
1748 : St. Francisco de Capillas, proclamed by Pope Benedict XIV as the first martyr of China.
1861 : Dominican Missions established in Hong Kong.
1935 : Monastery of St. Albert the Great, established at Rosaryhill, Hong Kong, which was transformed into Rosaryhill School in 1959. Later the monastery was torn down, rebuilt and completed in 1963 in the form of the present building.
1951 : Missions established in Venezuela, South America.
1990 : Missions established in Korea.
1995 : Missions began in Macau.
2001 : Missions began in Singapore.
The province of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was originally formed as a "Missionary Province"and its principal purpose has always been evangelize the regions of the Far East/
After four humdred years in Manila the headquarters of the Provincial were moved to Hong Kong in 1972 to St. Joseph House in Kowloon.