Four Pillars of the Dominican Life


We Dominicans centre our lives on Jesus Christ, the true light, and are moved by the Holy Spirit who radiates God's healing presence in the world today. We celebrate the Word of God in daily common prayer, meditation, study, and in our preaching. Our lives are nourished by God's Word as found in Sacred Scripture, celebrated in the Eucharist, lived in Tradition, and encountered in everyday life.
For Dominicans, the communal dimension of our religious life requires us to be of "one mind and one heart in God." Profession into the Order of Preachers includes the promise to hold all things in common. We live together and pray together and share a common vision in the ministry of preaching. It was St Dominic's desire to imitate the apostolic poverty of Jesus and the early Church, so "we call nothing our own." As Dominicans, we share the blessings God has bestowed on us with the rest of the world.
St. Dominic made study an essential part of the "Sacred Preaching." This was no small innovation in the thirteenth century when most of the clergy were uneducated. St. Dominic sent the friars to the universities to study, to preach, and to establish places of learning. The dedication to study and teaching continues today. The Dominican emphasis on study opens our hearts and minds more fully to the human condition today, continues to build on a rich history and tradition and has its ultimate effect on our preaching and teaching.
Dominican friars continue the work of St Dominic today in an active and contemplative life. Our mission includes preaching, teaching, and works of social justice in a variety of settings: parishes, universities and schools chaplaincy, and retreats. We are involved in full-time itinerant preaching„ health care as chaplains and theologians. In our outreach to the poor we work for truth, justice, and peace though our ministries and involvement in-the local and universal Church, the Body of Christ.